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Health concerns? On medications, or relying more on them this year than last to manage your health?

You have a choice.
Ascending Health™ Workshop
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Well Effect Lifestyle Health and Fitness

Bedford, MA

No fads or gimmicks, just a biology friendly, science-based approach that gets you healthier. (Your Doctor will approve). Learn steps to restore your health, it really works.

Our workshop will answer three key questions:

1. What is the biggest mistake I’m making that’s affecting my health?

2. What’s the largest cause of health decline? (it’s not getting older)

3. What are the top changes I can make today to start improving my health?

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“I feel younger, happier, and stronger.”

– Kristen Y.

Ascending Health™ Workshop only at Well Effect®.

Health decline can creep up as we age but aging is not the cause of most health decline. Working with us and experiencing our unique, multidisciplinary, evidence-based and individualized approach called Soma Science®, our clients have learned a lot about what affects their health and get the improved health results they want – and in less time than they expected. You too will be amazed at how great you will feel and with how little time it can take.

Since 2012 we have spent time researching the most effective and sustainable methods to improve health. You’ll learn what makes the biggest impact and what to do in the right mix for your body’s needs and get guidance based upon the principles of our Soma Science® approach.

Weight gain, declining physical ability, and nagging injury or pain does not have to be inevitable. Our clients’ successes are pretty incredible. We see them evolve as they start to look better, live better, and feel better. As they do, they develop a feeling of wellness and empowerment that gives us our name.

They experience the Well Effect®.

You can experience it, too.

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